Corfu Acharavi Beach Aerial View


Acharavi is a famous tourist resort located 36 km away from the main town of Corfu. The settlement lies around the long, sandy beach that stretches for 3 km.

With its golden sand, shallowy crystalline waters and lush greenery, the beach uniquely combines the island’s verdurous landscape and the natural beauty of the Ionian. Anyone visiting this beach will enjoy a comfortable sunbathing and a refreshing swim.

In close proximity there is a pristine and tranquil beach which is much preferred by nudists. It rarely gets overcrowded and provides a splendid isolation context from the din and bustle of modern day life.

Over the years, Acharavi beach has become a popular spot for families since it provides a safe environment for the children. The best part about this beach is that it derives as a breath of fresh air from the unorganized mess and chaos.

Being located in close proximity to the main town, full access to all tourist amenities and local services is available.

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