Corfu Myrtiotissa Beach


Myrtiotissa is a sandy paradise surrounded by a majestic landscape, consisting of lush green cliffs and crystalline waters. The beach was characterized by the English writer Lawrence Darrell as the loveliest beach in the world, due to its dramatic and stunning surroundings that attract thousands of visitors.

Myrtiotissa is one of the most popular beaches in Corfu, owning its name to the beautiful Monastery of Myrtiotissa, which stands on the slopes of the lush green mountain- some metres above the sea. This idyllic beach retains its unspoiled character, thus there are no tourist facilities available.

You can access the beach by bus travel from the main town. Once you reach Myrtiotissa, you will have to continue through a long path that leads directly to the beach. Those who want to visit the monastery will follow the road that goes uphill. After a 300 meter walk, you will eventually reach the monastery.

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